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Kilimofocus and Consulting Services Nutrition for Wellbeing


The company is built with knowledgeable and experienced team which is eager to see the business successful grow.

Rebeca Andrew; Co. Founder and CEO has 8 years of working with projects and business management. She has worked with community groups and smallholder farmers and that’s has made her understand the real ground challenges which affect normal people especially in the issue of nutrition and income generation.

Rebeca has worked as Community Development and Marketing cum Gender Officer in one of Non Governmental Organization during her earliest carrier building. She is eager to see more people especially women and children are benefited from this company. In this community many women are jobless and they are the ones responsible for taking care of their families (school needs, foods, clothes etc). Most of their husbands when they get money spends them in alcohol and other women. With this regards, as this business expand will employ many women and make sure it impacts many