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Juntas Peru SAC

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In Juntas, we guide teenagers and early adulthood women to find the best way to experience a safe and comprehensive sexuality throughout their growth. This happens inside a virtual platform where we offer educational experiences that in our next stage, will incorporate an App in which users will track their period and contraception, get exclusive content, wellbeing discounts, connect with experts and more. In our first stage, we have focused on becoming a trustmark in which women rely for companionship and answers to their main doubts. We have achieved this by creating a digital community of more than 60,000 people and providing educational products and services to individuals, more than 10 private companies’ employees, and neglected communities in Peru. We envision, a world where the lack of access to sexual health and education is not a barrier for every girl’s growth.

SectorsEducation, Sexual and reproductive health and rights
LocationLima, Peru
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