FarmSpeak We Redefine Agriculture Through Technology

Farmspeak Technology designs smart monitoring and management equipment for livestock farmers to optimize their production, reduce loss and wastage, and increase profits. We have two products already – Penkeep and FS Manager.

Penkeep is a hardware device that uses internet of things technology and smart sensors to capture the microclimatic parameters of a poultry house. These data are sent via a gateway to our cloud server for our computational model to analyse and generate actionable insights for poultry farmers.

FS Manager is an innovative software solution that helps farmers digitize their operations and diagnose poultry diseases in real-time. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and analyze sickness symptoms. It also provides farmers with an opportunity to connect with qualified Veterinary Specialists.

Secteurs Agritech, Agriculture animale, Big data, Internet-des-choses
Emplacement Yaba, Nigeria
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