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About Us

VC4A strengthens the global startup community by connecting innovative entrepreneurs creating high-growth, high-impact businesses with the knowledge, network, and funding they need to succeed.
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VC4A was founded in 2007 with the mission to build up Africa’s start-up community. We have grown organically over the years into what is now the leading community working towards building high-growth, high-impact companies globally with the ambition to transform society. In 2022, VC4A expanded its reach to the Latin American region and is now the global community for startups in emerging markets.

It is imperative to proactively foster the collaborations and partnerships that will bring together the capital, knowledge, and network these entrepreneurs require to succeed – and to provide every entrepreneur with an equal access to opportunity.

In collaboration with a growing network of partners, the VC4A community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors are central to bolstering the entrepreneurial ecosystem globally. We are proud to offer a direct channel for anyone serious about being part of the next great success story.

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Our thesis

At VC4A, we believe entrepreneurship is a key driver for development. Specifically, high-growth, high-potential ventures working to develop important innovations and disruptive new business models are uniquely able to capture sustainable economic growth.

These ventures builds strong communities, representing a significant source of employment and a reliable income stream for future generations. The entrepreneurs VC4A exists to support contribute up to two-thirds of national GDP and provide the foundation for a stable middle class.

Founding community partners

These organizations support the VC4A community and make our work possible.
  • Stichting Doen
  • Hivos
  • argidius