Pitch AgriHack 2023 Competition unveils 11 finalists

The annual Pitch AgriHack Competition has officially selected the top 11 finalists for the final round of the 2023 competition. Pitch AgriHack offers visionaries aged 18-40 a platform to unleash their innovation and present their technological solutions in order to transform the Africa’s agricultural landscape.

Three winners and three runners-up will be selected from the finalists, representing early-stage agritech ventures; mature or growth-stage agritech ventures; and women-led agritech ventures. Each winner will receive a cash prize of US$10,000, and each runner-up will receive US$5,000.

Meet the 2023 Pitch AgriHack Competition’s top startups

Africereal Group Benin

Our company positions itself as a reliable and comprehensive partner, providing integrated solutions for sustainable and profitable agriculture. As facilitators of the cereal value chain, we connect various industry stakeholders, fostering successful partnerships and commercial opportunities.

Agranalitics Cropscan Technologies Kenya

CropScan is the first-ever solar-powered AI-based plant and soil health measurement device invented in Kenya that is able to scan any crop leaf and determine nutrient and water levels and crop yields within 2 seconds.

Biomasr Ltd Egypt

The Rafik app has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry and achieve significant economic and social change. It also provides a solution for the energy crisis in Africa. The app helps farmers to manage agricultural waste ecologically, purchase organic fertilizers, and order bespoke biogas units.

DeepLeaf Morocco

DeepLeaf is an agricultural technology company with two transformative solutions: Morshida and AgriGo. DeepLeaf’s unique combination of advanced technologies, user-friendly interfaces, and proven market demand make it an attractive investment opportunity.

D-Olivette Nigeria

D-Olivette is a CarbonTrust & Footprint Africa Certified Domestic Bio-refinery Social Enterprise that builds and distributes technologies that turn biodegradable and organic waste into clean energy, reusable clean water and more food to help small-holder farmers reduce operational costs while protecting the soil and planet.

Ecorich Solutions Limited Kenya

Ecorich Solutions is the first African startup to produce fertilizer that is 70% cheaper than normal fertilizer. We developed the WasteBot decomposer device that converts organic waste to organic fertilizer, a smart recycling bin that uses AI-enabled recycling to convert waste to valuable and affordable primary farm input.

ESusFarm Africa South Africa

eSusFarm® is an integrated data-driven company that partners with mobile operators to provide smallholder farmers with digital advisory services, digital financial services, digital procurement services, agri e-commerce services and smart farming services with the purpose of increasing agricultural productivity, smallholder market and credit access, and the overall efficiency of the agri-value chain.

FarmSpeak Nigeria

FarmSpeak offers a three-part notification system (email, SMS, and buzzer alerts) ensuring farmers are promptly notified of any environmental imbalances.

HerVest Nigeria

HerVest is an inclusive fintech for financially underserved and excluded women in Africa. HerVest offers women greater access to and use of financial services through savings, impact investing and credit, credit particularly for small holder female farmers.

Radava Mercantile Kenya

Radava builds the physical and technological infrastructure in Kenya for structured commodity trading. At the core of our business, is a partnership between the Warehouse Receipt System Council and financial institutions. Together, we work to create the first sustainable commodity exchange market in Kenya.

Rhea Kenya

Rhea is a technology startup focused on revolutionizing the agricultural industry through advanced soil testing solutions. Our goal is to provide farmers and agronomists with accurate, real-time data on soil conditions. Our solution combines IoT devices equipped with sensors, cloud-based data analytics, and machine learning algorithms to deliver actionable insights as recommendations.