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Ever veggie farm How sweet the ground

My innovations based on production of organically fertilizer in Tanzania with brand name ORGANO GRO where i started in 2020, One of the challenge i observed in the farmers communities was inability to produce safe crops to comply with the export market due to the intensively use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides as well as environmental degradation, there after i have decided to come up with the idea of producing organic fertilizer, we have develop several formulation to suit different market crops now we have ORGANO GRO for all horticulture crops as well as Maize, Rice and sugar cane.
In the farmers where our fertilizer is use yield improvement of up to 30% has been confirmed, restore fertility and better plant healthy. our small scale scale factory use organic matter to produce fertilizer therefore putting tons of crop waste for good use. we have been able to reach out 6 regions out of 25 in the country which lead to the decrease of in the amount of chemical use fertilizers.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Environmental services, Food production
LocationArusha, Tanzania
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