Dream Bees Africa The Living Future of Beekeeping

We are the Rising Company That Deals with Modern Beehives and Advanced Equipments Loans To Beekeepeers That Helps Them Increase The Sustainability Of Bees Product, Maintain The Quality as Intended by Bees and Increase the annual income. Since More than 95% of beekeepers are doing it in a local method that hinder the bees product produced and make them unable to fight povert that affect the living standard of many Africans. We (Dream Bees Africa ) understand that most of beekeepers still don’t enjoy the fruit of their daily effort they put in beekeeping as the low product and income they earn due to implementing of LOCAL BEEKEEPING. By doing so we provide loan of Modern beehives that increase the productivity and ensure sustainability of bees, after they experience their first extraordinary harvest with our modern beehives it is where they pay back the loan. We also provide proffesional education to beekeepers on how to implement MODERN BEEKEEPING.

LocationDodoma, Tanzania, United Republic of
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