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Dream Bees Africa The Pride of Beekeepers 🐝🍯

Dream Bees Africa

Dream Bees Africa

We are dedicated our life and time to provide premium quality honey and beeswax to the global market.

Since More than 95% of beekeepers are doing it in a traditional methods that hinder the bees product produced and make them unable to fit in global market and unable to fight poverty that affect the living standard of many Africans Beekeepers.

We are here to help beekeepers by working closely with more than 200 Tanzanian beekeepers(in one year) by providing these beekeepers with modern Beehives and Advanced Equipment’s Loans That Helps Them Increase The Sustainability Of Bees Product, Maintain The Quality as Intended by Bees and Increase the annual income.We also provide professional education to beekeepers.Lastly we provide market to their product through our brand Afrobee Honey

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Conseils et développement des affaires, Machines agricoles
Emplacement Dodoma, Tanzanie
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