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Brayfoil Technologies Designing the future of wind turbine blades

Cover image of Brayfoil Technologies, Clean technology venture on VC4A

Brayfoil Technologies

Brayfoil Technologies

Large wind turbines have blades 100m+ long that create massive forces, a barrier to cost reductions. Baryfoil’s technology can easily be built into large wind turbine blades to allow them to reduce unnecessary loads, creating larger, more efficient, more reliable and cheaper-per-MW devices. Firstly, on a per-turbine-site basis it can the increase the level of annual clean energy production per turbine by enabling longer blades and fewer failures. Secondly, on an LCOE-driven level, our adaptive technology can increase wind turbine deployment – sites that would not previously have been viable for wind farms will be, due to lower overall lifetime costs, thereby increasing the energy supply. The overall potential for CO2 emissions reductions between now and 2050 with full adoption is over 60 gigatons.

Sectors Clean technology, Renewable energy, Wind power
Location South Africa
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