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bancalimentos BIC You make the difference

Cover image of bancalimentos BIC, Financial services venture on VC4A

bancalimentos BIC

bancalimentos BIC

Triple impact social initiative, created in 2016 with the fundamental purpose of ensuring food security from innovative waste management, developing financial products and services; dignified, affordable and inclusive, which find a successful application in solving social problems and which can only be accessed with the waste generated in the home, a proposal for poverty reduction in a sustainable way.
With a mostly rural operation, it manages to turn solid waste into a common currency that allows access to food credits, nutritional savings, annuities and food insurance for the population in vulnerable situations.
Our vision, to be the best option to manage waste, our customer in each transaction will receive the promise of having food on the table, with the confidence of a better tomorrow based on sustainability. “Now your waste is income to access food, take it to the bank”.

SectorsFinancial services, Retail, Waste management and recycling
LocationBogotá, Colombia
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