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Aora AORA is an app like Uber but for home services including the supplies.

Cover image of Aora, E-commerce venture on VC4A

In Latam when you hire a gig worker it can take you days, you have to accommodate to their schedule and you really don´t know how much it is going to cost you, with no guarantee whatsoever. If the service needs a supply, the situation is even worse, it is a time consuming process. On the other hand, even though gig workers are a huge workforce in LATAM, no one has addressed the challenge of offering them a platform that makes their work more efficient and profitable.
AORA technology is solving both sides of the equation end-to-end. The client´s app provides an Uber-like experience including service selection, scheduling on their convenience, instant pricing and buying the supplies. The app for the affiliated worker lets them take services knowing their expected income, organizes their schedule and it also handles technical procedures, making their work more efficient and increasing their income. Our backend controls service processes, protocols and logistics in real time.

Sectors E-commerce
Location Guayaquil, Ecuador
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