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Aora AORA is an app like Uber but for home services including the supplies.


We are close friends and long time entrepreneurs that three years ago, one night, we shared the pain of hiring informal technicians. We told ourselves it would be ideal to have an app that will literally work like Uber. We realized that this solution did not exist in Ecuador or at all Latam. That night I became CEO of AORA, Juancho the CFO, and Julito the CTO.
Our recipe is the complement of friendship, with which we are entrepreneurial professionals with different skills and experiences, and that we are committed to 100% and that motivates us to generate a social impact at regional level with AORA. Juancho, the CFO, has taken advantage of its financial background to undertake in diverse sectors; Julito, the CTO, Master of Science in IT is a specialist and technology entrepreneur; I, the CEO, MBA from IESE built one of the largest companies in the IT sector in Ecuador, of which I did exit before Aora. We are proud that 70% of our team are women including top managers.