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Alcoford Corporation Distillery SAS Empowering Communities with Clean Ethanol and electricity Solutions for a Greene

Cover image of Alcoford Corporation Distillery SAS, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Alcoford Corporation Distillery SAS

Alcoford Corporation Distillery SAS

Alcoford Corporation’s innovation lies in its integrated approach to ethanol production, leveraging locally abundant cassava and transforming it into clean, versatile ethanol designed for clean cooking, healthcare and cosmetics at competitive price. This addresses deforestation, food insecurity, rural poverty, energy scarcity, and ethanol import dependency in the ECOWAS region.

By collaborating with farmers, we significantly boost crop yields and household incomes. By-products are converted into animal feed and cassava flour, enhancing food security. Our innovative waste-to-value process transforms organic waste from ethanol production into biogas, which is then used to generate electricity, promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. In addition, our initiatives empower women and foster rural development, creating a sustainable and inclusive value chain that addresses environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Manufacturing
Location Lomé, Togo
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