Alcoford Corporation Distillery SAS Bioethanol production based on cassava


[Clifford Plastid HOGLONOU, Founder, Chief Executive Officer] (5 years Exp.) [In Accounting and Project Management, fermentation and distillery process].

[Mr. Felix AYITE, Co-Founder Ethanol Business Owner] (33 years Exp.)
is an international executive with extensive experience in downstream petroleum activities. He has served in several countries in several senior management positions in Africa and Europe. He has acquired a long experience during a brilliant 22-year career with the Exxon Mobil Group with a background in Industrial and Commercial Engineering. 9 years of experience within the TOTAL oil group and 3 years now as an expert consultant in the oil, hydrocarbon and management industries; He has 33 years of high-level experience.élix-ayite-81145a

[Mr. Kwaku Mensa TSEKPO, Chief Laboratory] (10 years Exp.) He is Agro-Industry Engineer; knowledge in Chemical Engineering a