Acari LLC Upcycling the invasive devil fish into meaty El Diablito jerky.

Acari LLC

Acari LLC

We launched in 2016 in Tabasco, Mexico to transform the hated, feared and invasive “pez diablo” or devil fish into a delicious and healthy jerky, El Diablito. This naughty defvil is a serious problem in Mexico where it now accounts for over 70% of freshwater capture, decimating the small-scale fishing industry on which tens of thousands of fishermen depend. Today, we’re hiring these affected fishermen and flipping the script on the devil fish.

Because of the fish’s unique texture, El Diablito tastes and feels like beef but without with any of the environmental impact associated with traditional meat farming. There are no concerns about overfishing here as each piece eaten helps restore the natural ecosystem.

Every batch of El Diablito is made without nitrites or other chemical preservatives and is crafted to deliver a protein-dense, Omega-3-packed snack perfect for your next outdoor adventure, workout or office munching.

StageEtapa emergente (startup) EST April 2018
SectorsAlimentos y bebidas, Producción alimentaria, Importación y exportación
LocationSimón Sarlat, México
MarketsCanada, Mexico, United States of America
Customer modelB2B, B2C
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