Unconventional Capital

Revolutionizing access to seed funding


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Munich, Germany
Sector agnostic

What we do

Uncap makes seed funding accessible to every good entrepreneur, using a completely remote, data-driven and scalable investment approach. Through this approach we are able to invest in ticket sizes below 50k USD.

How we do it

Through the use of analytics and behavioral science, we are able to conduct hands-off, semi-automated due diligence on thousands of entrepreneurs at a fraction of the usual costs. We invest following a standardized process using non-financial and financial metrics, giving every entrepreneur the same chance, no matter their location, gender or ability to produce polished pitch decks. Our offer combines debt and equity which allows us to collect repayments in regular intervals and according to each entrepreneur’s ability to repay.

Why we do it

Entrepreneurial potential is global, but opportunity is not. Every entrepreneur deserves the same chances to start a business. Funding is one of the main barriers to equal opportunity. Access to funding is not only unequally distributed but also highly biased in regard to gender, educational background, location and personal relations. The economic unattractiveness and limitations to scale of small ticket sizes further hamper the access to funding. This strips whole regions off the catalytic effect entrepreneurship can have on innovation, socio-economic development and job creation.