Unreasonable East Africa

We are looking for high potential UNREASONABLE entrepreneurs that we can put our resources behind!

We are passionate about one thing and ONE THING alone. Finding the best entrepreneurs and surrounding them with ALL THE RESOURCES that they need to grow – this is the main thing that keeps our team going, and also that keeps us up at night. We are heavily invested in the successes of the entrepreneurs with whom we have partnered. If you are looking for a true thought partner to help bear the burden of growing a successful company, then you need to consider our program.

Please note that our support NEVER ends – only the 10 months do :). We continue to make introductions, support you during funding raises, connect you to mentors, and provide you with and you have unlimited access to the UEA network of mentors, peers, investors and partners. We view learning and growth as a process that takes several years and happens in multiple phases.


January 10
Shona Accelerator
Kampala, Central Region, Uganda
Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda
Agribusiness, Creative, media and entertainment, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, Leisure and travel, Transport and logistics, Water, sanitation and hygiene