Innova Women Green

Better business ideas based on technology from women entrepreneurs

Contest Bases

  • The participating teams must be composed of a number of between 3 and 5 women who will be required to register on the corresponding form, uploading a link with a 1-minute video describing the proposed solution.
  • Solutions will be received from all areas of the sciences that can contribute to the problem of the green and sustainable economy sector.

Categories of participation

  • Responsible Protection and Consumption
  • Climate Action
  • Business Challenge


  • Once the call is completed, the jury will select the 30 projects with the greatest potential, that is, those most innovative and creative solutions that can be viable in their implementation.
  • Initiatives that generate some specific interest for some of the parties may be supported by some of the sponsoring institutions.
  • From these preselected, they will move to the final phase only 10, of which 3 winners selected by the Jury will come out.


Incubation program for EMI and others.


October 4, 2020
Program dates Sep 4 - Oct 3, 2020
Organizer Santa Cruz Innova
Website Visit website
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Sector agnostic