Santa Cruz Innova

Innova to achieve development

What is proposed with Santa Cruz Innova?

Investing in talent, encouraging it, preserving it and attracting the one found abroad, and thus empowering technology. To promote an indissoluble connection between universities, research centers, venture capital companies and entrepreneurs.

To power the universities as they are the center of the capital of the creative economy.

Universities must recruit and develop the brightest minds feeding our innovative ecosystem. Stimulate training with emphasis on mathematics and science. To diversify the economy we need more technicians, more engineers and more scientists.

Both the state and the business people must come out of traditional moulds and open up to creative and entrepreneurial minds, leaving aside traditional practices.

The state must offer fiscal stimulus to companies that invent new products, as well as to repeal all bureaucratic laws and regulations that constitute an obstacle to innovation and entrepreneurship.

To do this, the implementing arm of these initiatives has been proposed to develop ‘Santa Cruz Innova’ with the following principles of work:


We are committed to the development of our region, of people and companies, we motivate them with our determination to move forward with integrity and optimism for the future. We have leaders ‘ mentality.


In the face of uncertainty we do not stand and challenge with our work, input and proactive attitude. We have a spirit of overcoming.


recognize the rights of people and the value of their ideas, above other considerations.


We generate and foster an environment of generation and development of ideas, we provide solutions, which make us different.


All of us who work at SCI personally and collectively take responsibility for the results. We measure the impact of what we do, we believe that what is not measured is not improved.


We promote gender equality as a basis for social coexistence. Without equal opportunities there is no Innovation


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