Nestlé Hatcher

A growing ecosystem of innovators working to solve tough business problems


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Sector agnostic
Nestlé Hatcher is an ecosystem aimed at connecting Nestlé’s core business to the broader innovation ecosystem to enable better collaboration with external innovators across the East and Southern Africa Region to solve business problems with locally developed innovations.

We have and continue to remain committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Through the Nestlé Hatcher, we aim to cultivate a lively innovation ecosystem as a means to work together with the greater start-up community, while empowering budding businesses and innovators.

How it works

Challenges are opened and shared within the Hatcher ecosystem and applications open for innovators and startups

Screening of applications to identify and shortlist best-suited candidates who then go through interview before selection of finalist/s.


The startups will be on-boarded onto the Hatcher where they will work closely with Nestlé and be provided with the necessary business and technology support and remunerated for the pilot phase. Pilots run for approximately 2 to 6 weeks depending on the solution.

Demo day:

At the end of Pilot, the startup will present their solution, findings and learnings. The Nestlé team will decide if they want to scale the solution or not, and the participating startups/s will be notified of the decision.