Nestlé Hatcher Mobile Commerce Project

Nestlé Hatcher Mobile Commerce Project

Nestlé is looking to explore and identify new and emerging mobile platforms that provide lifestyle and engagement solutions to millions of their customers in Eastern and Southern Africa.

If you are an innovator, or a start-up and you think you can solve this challenge, find out how you can apply.

Nestlé is looking to explore and identify new and emerging mobile platforms that provide lifestyle and engagement solutions to millions of its customers in East and Southern Africa. A solution that will be part of one’s day-to-day activities. This would include shopping online, paying bills online, buying airtime and data and sending money to other users without opening a bank account, amongst others. It could also include a solution that can be integrated into another mobile platform/application, and/or device. This solution can be leveraging emerging technologies and/or offering a rewards/loyalty program for Nestlé offerings. Nestlé is looking to create a trusted African market and enable customers to resonate with Nestlé.


About the challenge

The Objective:

  • Explore and identify what mobile commerce platforms and solutions exist within the African market
  • A mobile strategy will allow Nestlé to create richer brand experiences – ultimately enabling transactions for a broader reach across both feature and smart mobile phones

The solution should cater to the following criteria:

  • Access: The devised MCommerce platform must develop an integrated cross-channel presence that broadens Nestlé’s reach to every customer segment and considers the entire purchase journey
  • Value: Bring added convenience for the end user by introducing mobile services to smaller retailers in more remote areas

If you believe you or your start-up are able to satisfy these requirements, make sure you spill the beans on your great ideas – and you could become a future Nestlé supplier!

The solution can be in one or all of the following categories: Mobile Commerce Integration Solution, Payment Solution Emerging Technologies, and/or Loyalty/Reward Programme.

Mobile Commerce integration solution

Develop a mobile commerce solution that will improve accessibility to feature phone and/or smartphone users to enable Nestlé to experience a larger market reach. Through this solution, Nestlé aims to enhance socio-economic progress and embrace users from all walks of life to identify with the Nestlé brand. Leverage the solution to develop an integrated cross channel presence that considers consumers’ entire purchase journey instead of emphasizing individual purchase locations and channels.

Payment Solutions

The solution can also enable users to send money to any other user of the app in real time. The solution should be able to make provision for international transfer across Eastern and Southern African borders. The proposed solutions must provide retail payments for goods and services.

Emerging Technologies

Using any of the emerging technologies, like AI or AR or any other technology to solve the challenge. The solution can be integrated to these technologies to offer an educational service or enhance the customer experience.

Loyalty/ Rewards Programs:

Create a subscription or product as a service offering that enables special offers, linking to eRetailers, a reward programme, or a community. Also consider educational material that can be linked as a value add to the consumers. All mobile solutions and platform partners, new or established, offering avenues that will create a richer brand experience across both Feature phones and Smartphones are welcome.

Successful candidates will be those that are innovative, increase brand engagement and integrate with existing Nestlé products, focus on creating richer brand experience across both Feature phones and Smartphones. The solution will unveil service layer opportunities, as well as increase product accessibility using mobile commerce. Among others, the solution should position Nestlé as a leader in the category. Furthermore, consumer adoption and usage over the test period should be quantifiable.


Award (Grant for Start-up to run Pilot)

The successful start-up will be awarded a grant to pilot their solution.


  • Launch Challenge: 10 June 2021- 22 July 2021
  • Select Finalists: 23 July 2021 – TBC
  • Select Winner: TBC
  • Announce Winner: TBC
  • Pilot Commencement Date: TBC



July 22, 2021
Program dates Jul 23, 2021
Organizer Nestlé Hatcher
Website Visit website
Targets Sub-Saharan Africa
Business services, Creative, media and entertainment, E-commerce, EdTech, HealthTech, Mobile, Telecom