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About the Call

The Cordoba City Smart City Fund aims to contribute to the modernization of the State and to the consolidation of the city of Cordoba as a smart city through solutions developed by technological base projects in the marketing stage.

The investment modality that will be used to benefit the technological base enterprises selected in the framework of the present call will be the modality of investment with implementation of the solution of the enterprise in the city of Cordoba.

This means that the beneficiary enterprises will have to use part of the benefit received to implement their solution in the area of the city of Cordoba, generating positive impact in terms of state modernization and/or consolidation of a smart city.


    • Modernization of the State: Startups with solutions that contribute to improving public administration and/or public services, including-but not limiting-the acceleration of the digital transformation of governments, the contribution of agility, new technologies and data processing and analytics to public management, the development of public infrastructure and the promotion of transparency, accountability, Citizen participation and involvement in decision making.
    • Smart cities: Startups with solutions that contribute to the conformation of smart cities, improving the quality of life and the functioning of cities in their different dimensions, among them-but not limiting to-human development (culture, inclusion, exercise of rights, education, health, safety, accessibility, among others), urban planning (transport, mobility, housing, urban spaces: public, green and recreational, among others) and environment (environmental quality, resource management, circularity, urban ecology, resilience, among others).
    • Cybersecurity: Startups that contribute to cybersecurity in the State and in society, with solutions aimed at protecting the security of information, software, data and systems of private and public organizations and the general public.


    We accompany the growth of startups that are based or who want to be based, in the city of Cordoba and that meet one or more of the following characteristics:

    • That your business model be leveraged in new technologies, be scalable, and look at the possibility of growth outside the city of Cordoba.
    • That they have the potential to contribute positively to society and/or the environment.

    The quality of the entrepreneurial team is key to achieving the strategic goals of growing and generating public value. That’s why we are looking to support teams that have the following characteristics:

    • Technical capacity and suitability to achieve the purpose of entrepreneurship.
    • Complementarity of gender, training and skills to carry forward the management of entrepreneurship.
    • Vocation of generating positive impact on society and the environment.

    To access more information on the characteristics of this call and the requirements for you to apply, Bases and Conditions


November 18, 2022
Organizer Municipalidad de Córdoba
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Targets Argentina
Sectors Sector agnostic