Municipalidad de Córdoba

Executive branch of the city of Cordoba-Argentina

About Us

From the Municipality of Córdoba we intend to become a space for interactions with the citizenry to strengthen strategic relations with the business, technological, innovative, entrepreneurial and training sectors, both public and private.

Through this platform we propose as the main objective of management to generate synergy with productive actors of the city to generate public value through new channels of participation and exchange of collective information. In this sense, we aim at the dynamization of the local productive matrix, the growth of the cordobes technological ecosystem, the modernization and digital transformation of our services.

Córdoba must be a leading and intelligent city in the face of the conditions of the new digital and technological age. We bet on the generation of competitiveness along with sustainability, the creation of more job opportunities of quality and the production of value added in our enterprises.


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Targets Argentina
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