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About the Call

The Cordoba Smart City Fund aims to contribute to the consolidation of the city of Cordoba as a smart city through solutions developed by scientific and technological base enterprises that have solutions in the field of the Life Sciences (Life Sciences) in one of the following verticals: Healthtech, Agtech or Climatetech.

The investment modalities that will be used to benefit the scientific-technological base projects selected in the framework of the present call will be the modalities of investment with and without implementation of the solution of the enterprise in the city of Cordoba, at the choice of the applicant.

The investment modality with implementation means that the startup will have to apply part of the benefit received to implement its solution in the area of Cordoba, generating a positive impact in the city.


    • Healthtech:  Scientific-technological base projects with focused health and wellness solutions in the form of, among others, drugs, medical devices, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to address a health problem and improve quality of life.
      • Agtech: Scientific-technological base projects with focused solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of the various stages of the agri-food chain, including from production in the field to the phases of industrialization, logistics and marketing.
        • Climatetech:  Scientific-technological base projects with solutions focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions or reducing the impacts of climate change, which can be grouped into: a) those that directly seek to mitigate or reduce emissions, b) those that help to adapt to the impacts of climate change, and c) those that allow a better understanding of climate change. It encompasses sustainable and sustainable solutions in energy, industry, mobility and transportation, food, agriculture and land use, construction, among others.


        We accompany the growth of scientific-technological base enterprises located, or who want to be located, in the city of Cordoba and that meet one or more of the following characteristics:

        • That your business model is leveraged into new technologies, is scalable and that provides for the possibility of growth outside the city of Cordoba.
        • That they have the potential to contribute positively to society and/or the environment.
        • That they have a link with one or more scientific institutions.
        • That they apply scientific knowledge for the generation of products and/or technological services.
        • To have one or more qualified professionals engaged in the research activity among the members of the founding team.
        • The scientific enterprises must have a scientific-technological solution that has a TRL level 7 or more, while the rest of the enterprises must be in the marketing stage.

        The quality of the entrepreneurial team is key to achieving the strategic goals of growing and generating public value. That’s why we are looking to support teams that have the following characteristics:

        • Technical capacity and suitability to achieve the purpose of entrepreneurship.
        • Complementarity of gender, training and skills to carry forward the management of entrepreneurship.
        • Vocation of generating positive impact on society and the environment.

        To access more information on the characteristics of this call and the requirements for you to apply, Bases and Conditions.


December 4, 2022
OrganizerMunicipalidad de Córdoba
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Targets Argentina
Sectors Agritech, Environmental services, HealthTech