EGME – Bolivia

Global Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

the program

    • 200 Hs. of Synchronic and Asynchronous Classes
    • 11 Modules by Videoconferencing. Magistral classes where teachers live with students and develop content through a collaborative platform, Power Point presentations and virtual blackboards. Video conferences are recorded in the virtual classroom.
    • 5 Virtual Modules. Audiovisual and written content where optional and complementary reading material is available. Videos, documents, articles, podcast and pages of interest. They can be read online or downloaded, to study without internet connection.
    • 5 Personal Consultoires. The teacher or Mentor works with a small group of participants in specific questions about the project of the same, guiding each student towards the fulfillment of their objectives regarding the subject. 2 Virtual-to-run field visits to perform their effective


      • impacting the Region’s Social Progress.
      • Learning effective business tools in Latin American countries.
      • Learning to transform social and environmental challenges into business opportunities.
      • Improving the sustainability of the business model.
      • Improving access to investors.
      • Put into practice networking skills oriented to expand the network of contacts.
      • Spread your mission to national and international entities that could contribute to your growth.
      • Ability to access various trainings and workshops from other entities


      • of teachers and entrepreneurs.
      • Teaching as a moderator of discussions about each project.
      • The class organization aims to be a mirror of society, where all geographical areas, socioeconomic strata and legal situations (formal or non-formal enterprises) are represented.
      • Experiences and resolution of live cases.
      • Learning for Action.


      Leaders, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and professionals will be able to participate in this course:

        • Have a social entrepreneurship (with high environmental or social impact) or traditional (with economic impact) and want to acquire tools to improve your business model.
        • Have a traditional entrepreneurship and want to improve your social or environmental impact.
        • The participant is wanted to have: Collaborative Spirit. Willingness to take responsibility for the social progress of the region.
        • Ability to convert your plan into action.
        • Participants will be able to take individual or group courses (up to 2 people per project/company)

      EGME – Bolivia

      EGME – Bolivia


October 30, 2020
Program dates Nov 3, 2020 - Apr 30, 2021
Organizer Instituto Minka
Website Visit website
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Sector agnostic