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“Great leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them reach their full potential.”-STEVEN J. STOWELL

Hacking Hub is an innovation space where ideas will have a meeting for youth to propose solutions to today’s problems. It’s that site to create, innovate and undertake alongside others and others. A place of links where projects start to take shape. It is three days in which we will connect to mentor and mentor new ideas and existing projects towards the path of success. We want Jalisco to remain that state that stands out for innovation, so our call will launch two challenges so that in unity we will find those solutions to the reality that our state faces.

We will have two virtual events open for those who want to innovate and make a difference. It is time to generate a community, to unite our minds and desires to bring about great changes. Amidst the circumstances that we live in Huorice in conjunction with the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology recognize the importance of keeping the innovation ecosystem active, thus creating the need for a space that serves as a platform for transformative ideas.


You will be able to participate in our two hackatons, each with a different challenge that will test your creativity, ingenuity and skills.

  • Hackaton InnovaWASTE
  • Awards

    The genius will always be rewarded at Hacking Hub, for that, each of our hackathons will award the following prizes to the team that has the best project of the competition:


    *Includes specialized trainings, personalized advice and strategic linkages for project development.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a Hackathon?

    R: A Hackathon is a competition where different teams work intensively to develop innovative proposals and thus achieve solutions to important challenges.

    Q: I am a minor can I participate?

    R: Yes, as long as the captain or captain of your team is older.

    Q: I don’t have a team but I want to participate how can I do it?

    R: In Hacking Hub there are three types of records:

    1. Full-team record, that is, that you already have all the members that you need.
    2. Registration for incomplete team looking for members. This means that a set has still available spaces to integrate more people.
    3. Personal record, which corresponds to those who do not have a team yet and want to form one.

    Q: How many members should my team be composed of?

    R: The equipment must be composed of a minimum of two (2) up to a maximum of five (5) members.

    P: Does enrollment have cost?

    R: Enrollment is absolutely free, that is, it has no cost.

    Q: Only people born in Jalisco can participate?

    R: Hacking Hub is open to participants from all over Mexico and Latin America, however, at least one person from the team must demonstrate their residence in the state of Jalisco, through official identification or proof of home.

    Q: Where will the events take place?

    R: Hacking Hub is a fully virtual event so you shouldn’t leave home to participate.

    Q: Can I participate in both Hackathons: InnovaWaste and InnovaBrick?

    R: Yes. Being part of one of the hackathons, doesn’t restrict participation in the other, so we invite you to sign up for both.

    Q: Who is left with the rights to my project at the end of the Hackathon?

    R: All the intellectual property of the projects is and will be their creators/is.

    Q: If I don’t result in a winner/can I continue to develop my own project?

    R: Yes and we hope you do, as Hacking Hub seeks to guide the participants, not only during the days of the challenges, but to give them continuity until the projects become more than just an idea.

    Q: Should I already bring an idea developed to participate?

    R: Not required. We want Hacking Hub to be a space where creativity and collaboration are promoted, allowing participants to have the opportunity to develop a project from the beginning.

    Q: Can I participate with a project that is already being developed?

    R: If possible, as there are two categories: New Idea: for those who want to start from scratch to develop their project. Existing projects: aimed at startups or startups that are already in development and are applicable to solving the challenges presented. Both categories have different prizes that you can consult on the bases.

    Q: What should I do to win?

    R: In addition to giving everything from you, during the events you will be asked two very important deliverables: A one page or executive summary, which will explain your project on a single page. A video pitch, where you’ll do it in front of the camera. Remember that during Hacking Hub events you will have access to talks, specialized content, expert and expert advice, as well as many more resources that will help you better understand the challenges and justify your project.

    Q: What kind of projects can you participate?

    R: While the hackatons started as events to develop technological projects for solving some problems, in Hacking Hub we are looking for ideas of all kinds, which means that not only can those who refer to applications and electronic platforms participate. Proposals of all kinds that represent a solution to the challenges presented in the calls are welcome.

    Organized by Hualiz

    Who is Hualiz and why are we here

    In the quest to continue our work as the Mexican center where incremental and disruptive innovation is encouraged to create solutions of high economic potential and positive impact, Hualiz is committed to promoting spaces like Hacking Hub to develop in Jalisco, Mexico and Latin America, multidisciplinary teams of work that focus their efforts on generating creative solutions to problems that governments, businesses and institutions face day by day.

    We believe the key is to trust people and their ingenuity and there is a lot of talent yet to be discovered. Therefore, the opportunity to bring together all this potential in partnership with the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology of the state of Jalisco, is unique and we want to take advantage of it to support and promote the development of lateral thinking and to generate a revolution of collaborative work.

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