Cube Ventures

Democratizando Oportunidades, materializando ideas, creando impacto

Who are we?

We are an accelerator for technological ventures in the stage of ideation and validation in Latin America.

We offer a 16-week program that includes talks, workshops and advice where you learn from the best. The mentors that accompany you in the process are entrepreneurs, investors and experts who already have experience in entrepreneurship, have raised millions of dollars and impact the lives of millions of people on the continent.

How do we help you?

We know what to do is a challenge so we go further:

  • We put at your disposal a network of contacts of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.
  • We share tools that facilitate the construction and growth of your enterprise.
  • We borrow our platform to visualize your company in the market

How it works?

If you dream of transforming the world, you’re passionate about your idea of entrepreneurship and you don’t know how to boot, you can count on the support of our acceleration program no matter what phase you’re in.

It doesn’t have any cost, we’ll ask you for 5.5% of the company’s actions that you make up of the 4 months.

Getting started is not easy and neither is our program, so we will demand time, commitment and sacrifices. Only 40 enterprises will enter the program and only 20 will graduate. They will earn the right to show up in our next demo day.


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