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Creemos en una región con potencial infinito


Who are we?

We are an accelerator of technological base ventures focused on pre-seed stage in Latin America. What do you mean? We are the first entity to bet you on your technological idea and the team behind it. To enter the program you don’t need to demonstrate traction metrics on the market, nor an MVP (minimum viable product) in that we’ll help you hand in the best mentors and ecosystem allies.

How do we help you?

Let’s put at your disposal:
  • A 20-week training program in the most important areas of your business
  • A portfolio of +80 mentors willing to support you
  • + 50 allies with incredible benefits that will be useful for bringing your startup to the next level
  • Understanding of needs and personalized accompaniment

During our program you will have different types of sessions:
  • Pitch Practice
  • Custom Weekly Tracking
  • Charlas with Specialists
  • Group Workshops
  • Custom Mentors
  • Mentoring with mentors

About our program

The remote 100% training program Cube Ventures uses an agile teaching methodology, which promotes the formation of future agents of change and high-performance equipment. The above, under a vision that focuses simultaneously on the motivation, skills and learning forms of the entrepreneur and on the social dimensions of learning.

How does it work?

If you dream of transforming the world, you are passionate about your idea of entrepreneurship and you don’t know how to boot, you can count on our support no matter what phase you are in. It doesn’t have any cost, we will ask you for 5.5% of the company’s actions that will constitute the acceleration program. we will demand time, commitment and sacrifices. Only 60 enterprises will enter the program and only 30 will graduate. They will earn the right to show up in our Demo Day.


  • Call opens at: 18 April 2022
  • Deadline: 24 June

Selection process

The selection process consists of 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: Dipper the enrollment form, tell us about your team, and the advances you have so far with your startup
  • Phase 2:If your startup makes fit with the DNA of Cubeyou’ll be called to an interview where you’ll need to do your pitch in front of a group of jurors

Our portfolio

To date our entrepreneurs bill 1.2M USD per year, 27% are led and co-founded by women. They have raised 1M together and grow at an average rate of 30%

Our allies

If you have doubts or concerns about the call you can communicate to the mail: entrepreneurship @ cube.ventures


July 5, 2022
OrganizerCube Ventures
Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (1)
1. No Poverty