Introducing 10 selected ventures for the #NES24 Startup Pitching Event

We are proud to announce 10 ventures that have been selected by a team of investor experts to pitch at #NES24 Startup Pitching Event. This year, we received a total of 745 applications and completed a gruelling task of reviewing the pool of highly qualified applicants.

The event will connect the selected startups with venture capitalists and investors, also it will grant them access to mentorship and professional advisory services. On the event, selected entrepreneurs will have 5 minutes to pitch to prospective investors and 10 minutes to answer their questions. The #NES24 Startup Pitching Event will be held on Sunday 21st October 2018 by 6pm-9pm at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja.

Selected Ventures

The VNTS Company Limited Nigeria

VNTS is an innovative devices manufacturing and platforms development company that also makes networking/consumer premise equipment (CPE). They provide hardware devices solutions, platforms and value-added services to Nigeria’s technology problems.
The VNTS Company Ltd prides herself in offering Nigeria and Africa cutting edge bespoke IT solutions that proffer seamless alternatives to daily technological needs for organizational and home users.

Gerocare Solutions Ltd Nigeria

 GeroCare was developed as a subscription-based service for the elderly that entitles them to regular doctor home visits to not only ensure any threats to their health is discovered early and taken care of, but to also remind them that someone still cares enough to pay a doctor to visit them regularly. The bonus is that payee will receive regular detailed updates on the health status of the patient to be assured that they are in good hands.

Jan2Gidi Entreprises Nigeria

Jand 2 Gidi is a Lagos-based business that commenced its operations in November 2013 to provide international inbound and outbound shopping logistics services with a view to meeting the logistics needs of corporates, small businesses, shopaholics as well as those moving back to Nigeria. In its totality, Jand 2 Gidi seeks to bridge the gap between patrons in Nigeria and the world at large

Solmenz Engineering Ventures Nigeria Limited Nigeria

Solmenz Engineering Ventures Nigeria Limited is a leading name in the provision of Alternative Energy in Nigeria. Since inception in 2014, They have been able to deploy a combined capacity of 500KW of electricity as a standalone Solar Home System (SHS), Solar powered boreholes, solar powered telecommunication base stations in hard to reach communities for individuals and institutions such as schools, farms and hospitals. They are currently involved in providing solar home systems to diverse clients across the country to help them meet their energy needs in a cost-effective means.

ColdHubs Nigeria

ColdHubs designs, installs and commissions 100% solar-powered walk-in cold room branded as “ColdHubs”, in markets and farm coops; for smallholder farmers, retailers and wholesalers to store and preserve fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods 24/7, extending their shelf life from 2 days to 21 days. ColdHubs aims to eliminate the impact of food spoilage due to lack of reliable cold storage for perishable food, facing 470 million smallholder farmers and food supply chain actors globally.

United Bamboo & Plastic Co. Nigeria

It is an FCMG manufacturer of single-use, food-service & beverage-service non-durables, located 10 minutes from Africa’s largest market (Onitsha). They’ve disrupted the market for often imported, low price-point items (like toothpicks) that are extremely difficult to manufacture cost-effectively in Nigeria, in part due to supply chain & technology barriers.

Arone delivery Nigeria

Arone delivery company will improve the accessibility of medical supplies especially during emergencies and provide relief and military supplies delivery, food delivery, e-commerce, postal delivery and more than we can possibly imagine now. Their vision is to create a future with a more intelligent delivery system using aerial logistics, a future where more than 95% of last mile deliveries are made within 10mins.

About the Summit

On October 22 – 23, 2018, the NESG will host the 24th Nigerian Economic Summit (#NES24) under the theme “Poverty to Prosperity: Making Governance & Institutions Work”, to build discussions from the last year’s Summit topic the need of focusing on implementation of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP). The Summit also will host its second edition of Startup pitching event, a platform for businesses to pitch ideas and access funding from venture capitalists and investors.

We appreciate all our partners for their commitment to promoting innovative development, economic reform and growth.


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