United Bamboo & Plastic Co. We are the largest toothpicks packaging company in Nigeria by revenue, output volume & installed capacity

We are an FCMG manufacturing company for single-use food-service & beverage-service non-durables, located 10 minutes away from Africa’s largest market (Onitsha). We’ve disrupted the market for often imported, low price-point items (toothpicks) that are extremely difficult to make cost-effectively in Nigeria. With revenues over NGN200 million (USD$640,000) in FY 2016 & 2017, we are the largest toothpicks packing company in Nigeria by revenue, output volume and installed capacity (2 billion toothpicks per year).

We succeeded with our toothpick venture by outsourcing the toothpick production, and focusing on efficient re-packaging. Specifically, we;ve invented proprietary packaging machines that semi-automatically fill cups with toothpicks, eliminating the need to do it by hand, allowing us pack them 4x faster than our competition in China.

We are the only company in Nigeria that has entered the toothpick mass market at price-points and & volumes that compete with and displace the Chinese imports in our category. Our asking price per wholesale SKU is identical to the ex-factory price from vendors in China, and our packaged item quality is identical or better.

Our product is small plastic cups filled with 105 toothpicks, a dozen cups of which are shrink-wrapped in clear plastic film, and sold in cartons holding 40 of those dozen-packs. Our brand GoldPoint® Premium Toothpicks is recognized as a first-mover brand.

Stage Unknown EST June 2016
Sectors Manufacturing
Location Asaba, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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