Startupbootcamp accelerates African innovators: 2018 call open

Startupbootcamp Africa, with our ongoing Fast Track tour, issues a call for talented tech entrepreneurs to join our new 2018 accelerator. We offer the top 10 startups to accelerate 12-18 months of growth into a 3-month programme.

Startupbootcamp (SBC) Africa last year launched the Startupbootcamp global family’s very first Africa-based tech Accelerator. Following a rollercoaster success in its inaugural year, the team has since embarked on a cross-continental FastTrack tour sourcing top-tier tech startups, with the potential to scale globally, to join its 2018 Accelerator program.

“This year, our FastTracks will put us face-to-face with close to 200 startups and we get to spend a half-day with each of them providing mentorship, and guidance on how they can improve their business.”
Zachariah George, co-founder and Chief Investment officer of SBC Africa.  

“We regularly make key introductions to our sponsors and can help the founders see ways to dramatically speed up their route to market. Beyond that, we review every company that applies and in certain cases, we are able to make suggestions and introductions to other potential partners, and occasionally even connect them with similar companies in other geographies where there may be opportunities to collaborate. We fundamentally believe in the adage ‘rising tide raises all ships’ and are committed to growing the ecosystem across the board.”
Philip Kiracofe, CEO and co-founder of the SBC Africa programme.

Why should you apply for the SBC accelerator program

SBC is a leader in its field and is focused on high-growth startups who are finding unique solutions to some of the biggest challenges in Africa. They are the only multi-corporate backed accelerator on the continent and provide startups with the opportunity to partner with innovative heavyweight corporate sponsors includingOld Mutual, RCS, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Nedbank, Woolworths Financial Services, and PWC.

The most compelling reason for a startup to participate is that SBC has the ability to accelerate 12-18 months of growth into a 3-month programme. We help startups tear apart every aspect of their business and challenge all the assumptions. After startups optimize the product, the target market, and the business model, SBC helps them scale that solution exponentially.

The SBC methodology is industry and technology agnostic and the 2017 program validated that regardless of what market a startup is tackling, SBC can help you do it bigger, faster, and better. Typically, Startupbootcamp will accept companies that are more mature with significant traction in the market, but in the first year, we invited several companies that were still at the concept phase and helped them grow exponentially.

The inaugural programme saw the top 10 finalists sign a record 32 corporate agreements including pilots and proofs of concept by the close of the Accelerator. This is an unprecedented first for any Startupbootcamp programme.


Whom we are looking for

SBC Africa is specifically looking for disruptors and innovators in industries like blockchain, connected devices, payment solutions, capital markets and asset management, integrated supply chain, e-commerce, retail tech, insurtech, alternative financing, identity management, digital connectivity, data and behavioral analytics and enabling technologies.  

However, if there are any startups that are fundamentally disrupting any industry in Africa and by doing so solving real African problems, they are encouraged to apply to the final Accelerator.

Applications to the final Accelerator Programme close on24 May 2018 and any startup interested in applying can do so by clicking Apply Now.

The 3-month accelerator program kicks off on August 13th, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa, and will be led by seasoned innovation experts,Zachariah George and Philip Kiracofe.

“I’d recommend this to any startup that wants to grow and scale their business across Africa because SBC gives you all the tools you need to succeed in a very short and very intense 3-month period. Your startup and your business and your thinking process will never be the same after that,”
Tami Chipika, Zimbabwean startup Khoyn, an alumnus from the 2017 SBC Africa cohort.

What to expect from the program

The top 10 chosen to attend the final Accelerator will be exposed to industry experts, thought leaders, incredible mentors from every industry and all walks of life as well as the top SBC team. They will receive free office space in the heart of Cape Town where they will likely form partnerships with deal-makers, like-minded startups, and corporate sponsors. SBC provides each team with €15,000 in cash, access to 100+ highly engaged mentors from the FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech industries as well as access to funding from a network of industry partners, investors and venture capital firms.

Startups can look forward to masterclasses, which are expert-led session covering scaling fundamentals. They will also be connected to leading corporate sponsors for pilot projects, partnership opportunities and as customers. SBC also provides more than €500K in exclusive partner deals from leading tech providers such as Amazon, Google, HubSpot, SendGrid, and others.

The 3-month programme culminates in an exciting Demo Day where the Top 10 startups have the opportunity to pitch their product to and celebrate their success with more than 400 investors, corporates, mentors and press attendees.

“This is Startupbootcamp. It’s the most amazing programme on the continent. The question is why wouldn’t I recommend any startup to come into this programme!,”
Kenneth Ntende, Ugandan startup DusuPay, one of the top 10 startups of the 2017 SBC Africa cohort.

Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to scale your tech startup.

Apply today!