Check out upcoming VC4Africa meetups in Accra, Oslo and London

Second to networking online, VC4Africa makes use of the Barcamp model (an international network of user generated conferences – open, participatory workshop/events, whose content is provided by participants) to organize our very own series of VC4Africa Meetups. We like this open format because it means that anyone can participate. Any member of VC4Africa can organize a meeting in their area whenever they feel there is a need. As with all VC4Africa Meetups, they are simply a place for members to meet one another and share thoughts and ideas. No speeches, no agenda, nothing planned…..just great networking!

The loose structure is great because you end up meeting so many people. Just remember, everyone is expected to pay for their own drinks : ) As VC4Africa we help members organize the meeting and promote it across the network. Events have already been hosted in Kigali, Kampala, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Abuja, Lagos, Tunis, Addis Ababa, San Francisco, Atlanta, LA, Washington DC, Norfolk, New York, London, Stockholm, Brussels, Leuven and Amsterdam. See our Flickr account to see some photosfrom the different events. Also see a video about a VC4Africa Meetup.

We have a number of new meetups coming online. Here are the first three to mark for your calendar!

Accra, Ghana – January 6thMakafui Ayimey, one of our VC4Africa members, has stepped forward with the interest to host a VC4Africa Meetup in Accra. This will be the first meetup in the city and we look forward to helping Mak bring together members in the area. Register for this event.

Olso, Norway – February 22nd – Our fellow member Svein Mork Dahl felt it was time to get some members together in Oslo, Norway. This is also the first time a meetup will be held in the city and it is great to connect the VC4A network in the area. Register for this event.

London, UK – March 22ndBen White from VC4Africa will attend the Private Equity World Africa conference on the 19th -21st of March 2012. This is also a great opportunity to organize the second London meetup and connect again with members in the area. Register for this event.

Are you interested in organizing your own VC4Africa Meetup? See this background on setting up the event and when you feel comfortable with the idea reach out and connect with the VC4Africa team.

Speak soon and happy networking!