Organize Your Own VC4Africa Meetup

Second to networking online, VC4Africa makes use of the Barcamp model (an international network of user generated conferences - open, participatory workshop/events, whose content is provided by participants) to organize our very own series of VC4Africa Meetups. We like this open format because it means that anyone can participate. Any member of VC4Africa can organize a meeting in their area whenever they feel there is a need. As with all VC4Africa Meetups, they are simply a place for members to meet one another and share thoughts and ideas. No speeches, no agenda, nothing planned.

The loose structure allows for lots of networking. Just remember, everyone is expected to pay for their own drinks : ) As VC4Africa we help you organize the meeting and promote it across the network. Events have already been hosted in Kigali, Kampala, Nairobi (2x), Johannesburg, Lagos, Tunis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, London, Leuven and Amsterdam. Our ambition is to host meetups all over the world and we need your help! Interested in organizing your very own VC4Africa meetup?

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