LAC Women Founders Accelerator 2021

We are looking for STEM entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean!

WeXchange, the BID Lab platform that drives the growth of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Google, a promoter of multiple initiatives to promote the development of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems around the world, come together to launch an acceleration program for female leaders of STEM startups from Latin America and the Caribbean. The program will be developed in collaboration with Centraal, the Mexican startup hub.

If you are a co-founder or a part of the leadership team (C-Suite) of a startup and you are interested in accessing tools, knowledge and connections to take your company to the next level, apply for your startup to be one of the 20 that will integrate the first cohort of this program!

What is LAC Women Founders Accelerator?

It’s an acceleration program-100% online-for tech-based or female-led science startups. Executed by Google and Centraal, the program lasts for ten weeks with a high degree of customization and includes workshops on technology, digital marketing, leadership, business culture, capital raising, which, in all cases, depart from a specific diagnosis on the situation of each startup and the challenges it faces. The entrepreneurs will also have numerous individual mentoring sessions with investors and experts from the Google network, WeXchange/BID Lab and Centraal.


Up to 20 Latin American and Caribbean startups will be selected, led by women, and working on business and technology challenges to help them grow their business through multiple individual and group work sessions, as well as team workshops.


The founders identify the main challenges of their startup and are Contact with relevant experts from our network and industry to conduct personalized sessions to help them address these challenges and enable them to grow their business.


In addition to the mentories and technical support, the program includes specific workshops and sessions focused on product design, client acquisition and leadership skills development for the founders.  


Selected startups will be able to access the network of mentors, experts from the industry, venture capital fund investors and entrepreneurs from the global network of Google, WeXchange/BID Lab and Centraal, as well as opportunities for international visibility.


The program will include a Demo Day during the ninth edition of the annual WeXchange forum, which will take place in virtual format during the 1 and 2 December 2021. In this event, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their startups in front of a group of venture capital fund investors in the region.


  • Program without equity
  • Credit on Google products
  • Access to the exclusive global network of the Google for Startups Accelerator program, as well as later training and technical resources.

Who can apply?  

program will select startups with a strong scientific and/or technological * component, of high growth and highly scalable business models at the regional/global level.

In addition, they must:

  • have a woman in the founding team or in a leadership position in the company (C-Suite)
  • be legally incorporated and have its headquarters and operations in a country of Latin America and/or the Caribbean
  • having raised capital from any source and/or are actively working on raising capital
  • having proven traction through raised capital, revenue, customer growth, etc.
  • *Among which are companies in sectors such as fintech, edtech, agtech, healthtech, medtech, biotech, wellness/beautytech, e-commerce/marketplace, creativetech, transportation/mobility, logistics, cleantech, SaaS, etc.


September 12, 2021
Organizer BID Lab
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