Systems Change Ad Hoc Support Program

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Oct 31, 2021
Jan 3 - 9:00 - Jun 30, 2022 - 18:00
Ashoka Foundation / Non-profit
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Latin America and the Caribbean
Agribusiness, Business services, Clean technology and energy, Utilities, Construction and manufacturing, Creative, media and entertainment, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, ICT, Leisure and travel, Retail and wholesale, Consumer durables, Consumer non-durables, Transport and logistics, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Automotive, Clothing and textiles production, Computer hardware, Electronics, Food production, Furniture

About the Program

The program selects social entrepreneurs who have already developed and begun to implement a robust systems change strategy and who need short-term external support to advance their strategy.
Short-term consultants work side-by-side with social entrepreneurs on topics such as government advocacy, ecosystem building, collective impact, spreading of the model through an open source model or bushfire strategies, and changing societal mindsets.

What do we offer?

We provide funding for hiring a short-term consultant who will accompany and provide hands-on support to social entrepreneurs for advancing systems change. As a result, social entrepreneurs who are aware that achieving systems change requires thinking beyond their own organization, building smart networks, opening up their solutions and know-how to others, pushing for legislative changes, or collaborative initiatives with competition, will gain support to be able to put into action these types of systems change strategies.

Who are we looking for?

Initial criteria for participation in the program:

  • Clear need for support is detailed and specific
  • Clear systems change pathway with milestones laid out
  • Clear progress on systems change pathway (as measured by advances on milestones established in a systems change strategy)
  • Clear that the social entrepreneur has time/team to dedicate to leveraging this support
  • Clear buy-in from social entrepreneur’s team/board, etc.

Don’t meet the criteria?

If you do not meet any of these requirements, don’t worry! You can look for more opportunities in PES LATAM that reflect the stage of your company.

Also, we recommend that you take 5 minutes of your time to create your account and update your organization profile at ES2 LATAM which will give you access to even more opportunities!

How and when can you apply?

The deadline for applying is October 31 2021. Interested applicants must have taken Ashoka’s Systems Change Course or have participated in the Ashoka Globalizer program in order to be eligible to apply.

About Ashoka

Founded by Bill Drayton in 1980, Ashoka is the first and largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with nearly 3,800 Ashoka Fellows in 90 countries putting their system-changing ideas into practice on a global scale. Over the past almost 40 years, Ashoka has provided start-up financing, professional support services, and connections to a global network across the business and social sectors, and a platform for people dedicated to changing the world.

Six years ago we joined PES LATAM  to advance systems-change social entrepreneurship in Latin America.

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