A geospatial vision for the 4th industrial revolution

It’s only natural that we tend to think of space resources as if they only apply to organizations that are actually in the space industry, like Tesla.

We don’t notice that a vast number of businesses – from giant corporations to SMMEs and even “mom and pop” stores – are already using technology like geospatial intelligence and earth observation every day.

Of course, we use Uber, track delivery vehicles and use location services on our smartphones to navigate with maps – but that is just the visible tip of a very large iceberg.

A mere glance reveals the real opportunities, where geospatial intelligence and earth positioning are used for a staggering variety of industries and applications, often invisibly:

  • The much-vaunted Internet of Things that is just around the corner relies on geospatial technology (we need to know where every “thing” is).
  • Ever-increasing numbers of mobile apps depend on geospatial data.
  • All the untapped potential of drone technology uses geospatial intelligence.
  • Social media platforms couldn’t function without geospatial intelligence.
  • Geospatial data is used to accurately model buildings with real-world 3D visualization before construction.
  • Indoor positioning allows objects to be precisely located in buildings, from supermarket shelves to supply warehouses.

ZASpace Inc, together with SANSA, is bringing all of the potentials that geospatial intelligence promises to our own country. Our aim is to enable everyone – from TV studios to supermarkets to construction companies, government and academia – to take full advantage of the digitalization and digital transformation opportunities it presents.

Even more so we aim to nurture our own geospatial technology and analysis industry through education, training and skills development – as well as funding, to create a comprehensive geospatial ecosystem that benefits us all – right now and into the future.


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Location Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Targets Africa
Sectors Transport and logistics