Be the Catalyst


Viridian is an impact agency that designs and delivers programmes for finance-ready entrepreneurs, early-stage investors and entrepreneur support organisations across Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our programmes act as a catalyst for these key economic actors, ultimately growing shared prosperity across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Based in Cape Town, Viridian trains finance- ready entrepreneurs, angel investors and ecosystem players from across the continent.

What we offer:

Programme design, implementation, and iteration: We design, develop and implement unique and thoughtful programmes that are context-relevant and results-driven, using feedback to optimise and scale. We use a mix of media to educate and connect participants, from online courses and virtual masterclasses to real-life networking and bootcamps.

Monitoring and evaluation: We offer best practice monitoring and evaluation, working with clients to design high-impact projects that align with their overarching and regional objectives. This includes theory of change development, key metric establishment, as well as data collection, management (GDPR & POPIA compliant) and analysis.

Strategy, ecosystem mapping and research: We offer research, ecosystem mapping and resource curation that allows our clients to better understand the context of their work and design appropriate interventions to drive impact. With our continent-wide associates, we offer expert advice and insights into entrepreneurship, investment and ecosystem development in an African context.


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Targets Africa
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