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Latin America is a hotbed of emerging innovation. Across the region from São Paulo to Santiago and Mexico City to Buenos Aires — Latin American cities are becoming global entrepreneurship and technology hubs.

Since 2012, Village Capital’s team based in Mexico City has run the most active accelerator in Latin America finding, training and investing in fintech companies improving consumer and small business solutions.

Village Capital leverages entrepreneurship to drive impact at scale.

We are the largest organization in the world supporting impact-driven, seed-stage startups. Since 2009 our team has directly worked with more than 1,100 entrepreneurs in 28 countries, and our affiliated fund, VilCap Investments, has invested in 110 startups that have gone on to raise more than $4 billion in follow-on capital.


At Village Capital we’re interested in systems-level change to make impact investing more inclusive and empower a wider range of entrepreneurs.

Since 2009, when we first rolled out our unique peer-selected investment process, we have been designing, honing and sharing new tools, technology and processes to drive capital to a broader set of entrepreneurs, solving problems in sectors that impact people’s ability to live healthy and productive lives, improve the chance for small businesses to succeed, and create a more sustainable environment.

We’re focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are building solutions in three core thematic areas — Sustainability, Financial Health, and the Future of Work. 


Core to our work is an operating philosophy that reflects our fundamental belief that we can’t use the same tools that got us here to get us there. We need a new paradigm that provides a more equitable system for distributing early stage capital to a more diverse set of founders.

As a result, we are focused on transforming the way entrepreneurs and capital connect, how investment decisions are made, and how investments are structured in three key ways: 


Village Capital’s initial innovation was a new process to democratize the decision-making process in venture capital: peer-selected investment. 


There is no one-size-fits-all model for investing in startups. We research and design alternative forms of capital beyond equity that are appropriate for a broader range of businesses. 


More than 85% of global venture capital goes to men, and more than 15% of VC in the US goes to Black or Latinx founders. We design new models to drive funding to entrepreneurs in investor blind spots. 


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