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Zukani Properties It's rental apartments that will be affordable.

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These rental apartment complex will be developed near the CBD closer to schools, workplaces, shopping malls, parks and gyms. This is for tenants to avoid travelling far to amenities spending too much on petrol amd taxi fares as here at South Africa petrol keeps increasing so they will benefit having good quality apartments that are closer to amenities. These apartments will offer from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom to accomodate multi-families that do not own houses yet. These apartments will be very affordable in a way that they will be able to accomodate middle income class and upper middle income. The complex will have pools and play grounds for the children too and there will be a good and tight security system in terms of crime. These apartments will be furnished with modern furniture so that even people who are renting for the first time can benefit and avoiding buying a new furniture.

Sectors Real estate
Location East London, South Africa
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