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Zoológico del niño Jersey, A.C. In a pandemic it is " Donate to continue "

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The ZPN is a wildlife conservation and research center, as well as a space with educational services, guided tours, didactic workshops, activities and recreational facilities, as well as various services: train ride, children’s games, lake with boats, chapoteadero, among others, which are the main sources of income. It houses 400 animals from 66 different species. It is located in the rural town of El Porvenir in the Guadalupe Valley, Ensenada (Baja California), with an estimated population of 10,000 inhabitants. and its main economic activity is the cultivation of the vine, olive, fruit and vegetables, as well as the wine industry and the tourist spaces developed in the place. It is characterized by being the only 100% family and tourist destination. It is an institution aimed at all social strata, it has a sponsorship scheme for children with scarce resources. He has received several national and international awards.

Sectors Educational services, Environmental services, Tourism
Location Mexico
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