Zoctu Networks Limited Move. Work. Shop.

Zoctu is a social enterprise that provides E-Jobs / E-Services, E-Commerce and E-transportation solutions that are premised on the “Sharing Economy” with a focus on connecting and matching service providers and consumers by providing tools that foster trust and promote formal/electronic transactions.

Zoctu Networks has been involved in the process of supporting more than 5 million people access part-time employment on a regular basis to improve their livelihoods in the short term in addition to supporting Small and Medium Enterprises with easy access to affordable part-time staff that they utterly need to survive the aftermath of Covid-19.In the long term, the project will reduce vulnerability of women, number of youth without employment who are currently exposed to undesirable activities like prostitution and crime amongst others.

StageStartup stage EST November 2018
SectorsBusiness services, Enterprise software
LocationKampala, Uganda
Customer modelB2B, B2C
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