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Zamzain ventures Plastic waste recycling; to produce eco friendly synthetic fuel

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We developed a locally sourced pyrolysis reactor that converts waste plastic (tyres, polyethylene bags and bottles) into a domestic eco friendly fuel, and saves the planet Earth from plastic pollution. We produced 3 basic products from the pyrolysis.
1. Oil [55]
2. Gas[25%]
3. Carbon Black [15%] and iron wire [5%]
Carbon black can be used in road construction and in bricks making for house construction.
If developed further has the potential to produce 800litres of sulphur free synthetic diesel per one tonne of waste plastics and can generate up-to 1.5million Naira a day, about 500million Naira annually looking at the availability of waste plastic everywhere polluting the planet Earth, releasing toxic chemicals to the environment.

SectorsClean technology, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
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