Zamgoat Value addition and improved distribution of goat products.

Zamgoat Products Ltd is a dedicated, innovative and mission-driven agribusiness working to transform the goat value chain in Zambia for social and economic value, primarily through value addition and improved distribution of goat products.

Founded in July 2012,  Zamgoat started out with a meat products operation and is at scale planning to pursue growth across the goat value chain through vertical integration with operations among others in meat products (current main focus) using a combined B2B and B2C model, food/culinary services (currently under pilot through Zamgoat Xpress and Pizzagoat Africa) using a B2C model, and provision of knowledge services to smallholder farmers(currently under pilot through Zamgoat Information Services). 

Despite the growing demand for goat products at the national, regional and global scale, goat processing and marketing has historically been traditional and informal.

Zamgoat therefore does not only serve the growing demand for goat meat and related products but also addresses the high rural poverty levels especially among smallholder farmers, by now creating a sustainable market opportunity for goats, enhancing the economic and climate resilience of rural communities.

So far operating with limited capacities and lacking in ideal infrastructure and equipment, Zamgoat has to date processed and sold over 5,000 goats, impacting more than 400 smallholder farmers, with a growing market reach and revenues.

StageGrowth stage EST July 2012
MarketsAngola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Zambia
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