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Youth and women arts initiative (Yowari) Creating cooking stove factory in Rwanda

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Globally, 2.9 billion people in developing countries still use traditional fuels such as firewood, charcoal, crop residues and animal dung to make their food on open fires. The smoke from cooking fires accounts for eight deaths every minute globally (which is more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis deaths combined), impacting mostly women and children. With a population density over 499 inhabitants per km², Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. As a reference, Germany has 237 inhabitants per km² and Kenya only 90 inhabitants per km². Population growth is increasing the demand for wood as fuel. In addition, pressure on natural resources is increasing due to refugees fleeing to Rwanda from eastern Congo or Burundi. In that case creating enterprise for improving cooking stove factory aim to make smokeless and clean fuel stoves and provide employment for youth in Rwanda. Cooking is made simpler, cheaper, less time consuming, and environmentally user friendly.

Sectors Arts, Clean technology and energy, Fashion
Location Rwanda
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