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Xilinat Using science to transform agricultural waste into healthy products.

Cover image of Xilinat, Biomass venture on VC4A



We solve environmental, social and health problems by buying agricultural waste from farmers, to transform them into a natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, is low in calories and ideal for diabetics. Therefore, we improve the farmers ‘ economy, prevent the burning of waste, and create a healthy and sustainable option to combat obesity and diabetes. Today we collaborate with 13 peasant families in the state of Puebla. Our value proposition lies with our technology and our business model. We have a patent with international application for the biotechnological process that we use to transform agricultural waste into xylitol, the only sugar substitute that is seen and knows how it is and that benefits people’s health. For every ton of product sold we pay 500 USD to farmers, recycle 7 tons of agricultural waste and avoid 6 of CO2; besides, we benefit the health of 3,000 customers.

Sectors Biomass, E-commerce, Food and beverage
Location Ciudad de México, Mexico
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