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Winnua LDA - Success for your daily journey, nutritious and affordable food

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Winnua LDA

Winnua LDA

Winnua has capacity to produce 3000 ton CSB and 3000 ton fortified maize meal annually, as well as 1500 liter soy milk per day. Winnua has 10.000 ha prime agricultural land, produces seeds of soya and sesame, a 40 ha teak seed production plantation. A farmer network of 1020 family farmers to support our industry. winnua is starting a goat farm based on red kalahari. The restricting factor for growth is working capital and increased access to energy and storage. The Industry is run according to HACCP-standard and the certification is scheduled to October 2021. Winnua has one transformer with capacity of 160Kw but this is not enough if all three lines are producing at the same time. To increase the production Winnua needs to increase its storage capacity and working capital. To be able to use fully the installed production capacity the present owners of Winnua are inviting a third partner to join the company.

SectorsAgribusiness, Animal farming, Food production
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