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The Problem
More than 90% of the 1,800,000 motorcyclists in Kenya do not have insurance, are not trained drivers and/or are not licensed to drive yet they are a significant provider of local passenger transport and courier services. Laxity in regulation and limited acces to finance and support services are contributory factors.

Consequently, the following are observed: A high accident rate among drivers and their passengers and loss of vehicles to theft or through accident; loss of income for the cyclist; and a heavy burden on the public health system due to accident injuries and deaths.

The solution
Using the WiLift platform, help motorcyclists to acess affordable insurance, and driver training. Also assist them to access Government licensing services. Finally, support them to start saving and ultimately access financial services from the banks we partner with.

Secteurs Transports publics
Emplacement Nairobi, Kenya
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