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Wemasoft Productivity through the roof

Wemasoft has two key solutions: ERP with E-Procurement as the main offering and E-Learning. Both are relatively mature.

Since last year September, we began offering a 12-month sponsorship of the E-Learning to training providers. Since then we have signed over 150 training providers and over 30 of them have gone live with the system. We target 100 companies to be using the E-Learning platform by end of the year, within South Africa.

Since the sponsorship approach has been successful in getting us traction, we plan to take same approach with E-Procurement & HR systems starting from June. With E-Procurement we desire to be more ambitious in targeting more countries outside of South Africa.

My dream is that Wemasoft be the ERP of choice on the continent in the next 5 years. My immediate need is of course to increase revenue, build better company management structures and develop framework to attract investors if need be or an exit strategy.

Sectors E-learning, Enterprise software, Software as a Service
Location Pretoria, South Africa
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