Wella Health Affordable accessible healthcare for Africa


Dr Ikpeme Neto, Founder and CEO is an internal medicine physician and postgraduate business and management training. He’s a recognised digital health thought leader with expertise in healthcare, sales and product development. neto@wellahealth.com, +2347020039239

Adebayo Asamu, co-founder and CTO is a software engineer with a computer science degree from the University of Abuja. He’s led our engineering team to build and scale our technology to support hundreds of thousands of client interactions. bayo@wellahealth.com

Olanrewaju Akintobi, VP business development, has a business degree and has led sales teams that have closed sales in excess of 10s of thousands of dollars. lanre@wellahealth.com

The team has worked together for 3 years and built multiple products that have reached tens of thousands of people.

Founders own the majority of stock with some SAFES and notes outstanding.