WASTiNNOVA Experience Better World

WASTiNNOVA, incorporated in December, 2017, is a business-to-business service provider. It is an innovative company targeting to decrease healthcare waste disposed and increase recycling through an environmentally sustainable methods. We focus on regulated and compliant solutions for healthcare institutions. This waste includes among other, all the waste generated within health-care facilities, research centers and laboratories related to medical procedures. Our tagline is, “Experience Better World”.

Unregulated management of healthcare waste poses greater risk to community and healthcare workers. WASTiNNOVA provide its clients with solutions to prevent workplaces associated problems and public health threats through our services. We provide solutions including collection and processing of regulated healthcare waste for disposal and the collection of personal and confidential information for secure destruction, as well as a range of training, retail and consultations. We also strives to reduce environmental impact through reduced air pollution from incineration, land and water pollution through increased recycling and increased awareness and training. We have collaborated with commercial and industrial partners to recover valuable resources and create renewable energy thus making services affordable and more sustainable. 
Our customers are primarily healthcare centers, such as hospitals, physicians, laboratories and outpatient clinics. We have also extended our service
StageStartup stage EST December 2017
SectorsConsulting and business development, Healthcare providers and services, Waste management and recycling
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
Customer modelB2B
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