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WASTiNNOVA Better World

The world is changing so fast every day. Our global population is growing but the world is getting smaller. More sophisticated waste is produced in 2022 than it did in 2015, on Tuesday than it did on Monday. This acceleration is undeniable, adaptability is not a luxury and waste burden is not our portion.

WASTiNNOVA is where waste management change. We bring together daring innovators, to bring sustainable solutions. We are active in the halls of hospitals, on the streets of our communities and back ends where waste is found. We are not witnesses to change, we accelerate change. Because we see a better world that you also would like to be part of. We provide specialized waste services to clinics, constructions companies, and industries. We use digital tools to encourage proper waste management as well as replacement of burning and increased recycling.

SectorsEnvironmental services, Healthcare providers and services, Waste management and recycling
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
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